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The Google Play Store is very popular with all the android users since it allows the users to download several applications. But just in case you are not very happy with the Google Play Store, you can change your application manager to Aptoide. Whatever the reason may be, if you are looking for an alternative to the popular Google Play, Aptoide Apk will suit all your requirements pretty well. Widely popular as an alternative application store, it does not require any registration and has 300,000 apps that install and get updated in no time at all. Apart from these convenient features, the app store also features a unique Rollback function that allows the user to revert to the older version of the apps if they are not too satisfied with the new, updated version. They can also choose to uninstall the app completely.

Features of Aptoide

Option to create a customized store
Aptoide does not only have several thousands of apps but it also lets the users create their own customized stores which are defined by different categories and limits. It is very easy to find different stores dedicated to different products or categories. For instance, you can find a store specifically for games and wallpapers while others for a specific mobile brand or model.

Rollback function
The rollback function of Aptoide lets the user roll back to the original app in case they do not like the updated version of any app. They can also choose to uninstall it completely. But in either case, they will not need the Google Play Store.

Apps specifically designed for adults
Aptoide has a specific site for adult content as well. The privacy settings of such a site can be easily controlled from the settings. However, the fact that Aptoide defers the control of content and security measures do not make it very effective and an unhealthy choice for devices that are frequently used by youngsters.

Easy to use
Aptoide is also as easy to use as the official Google play store. The apps can be easily downloaded and updated. Even the download speed of the apps is as good as in the Google store. Using the rollback feature to manage the earlier versions of the app works almost intuitively so is not a problem at all.

Not suitable for everyone
If you do not want to use Google or are using a device that does not support the Google play store, Aptoide apk Download for Android  as it is a good choice for the simple reason that it has several thousands of applications, is easy to use and has a fairly good quality.


The store has several applications at one place which makes it convenient for the user.
The rollback function is truly an outstanding and a unique feature. It is very convenient to roll back to the previous experience without much hassle.
The feature of creating a customized store for every user is also exceptional.


There are several varieties and categories of applications but there is an absence of a feature that could take care of strong parental control.
While there are several applications that are easily available and the quality is fairly well too but it does not match up to the quality assured with Google Play store.
Since there are no filters in Aptoide, the users can easily suffer from the problem of virus or malware, while completely unaware of the same.
There is no guarantee of the safety as well since the apps are not reviewed and rated.

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